Academic Policies

For policies specific to the Accelerated Bachelor of Science in Nursing, please see its Program Information section 

The following academic policies apply to all students attending ECPI University. Additional policies for students pursing a graduate degree are included in this Catalog under the Graduate Program Policies. Students pursuing health science programs at the ECPI University College of Health Science, Medical Careers Institute, must also refer to their program handbook for additional policies. The following health science programs have program-specific policy handbooks: Dental Assisting, Diagnostic Medical Sonography, Health Information ManagementMedical Radiography, Nursing (diploma, associate’s, bachelor’s and master's degree programs), Physical Therapist Assistant, and Surgical Technology.

ECPI University reserves the right to make changes at any time to academic programs. Updates and changes in policies and procedures may occur during your studies at ECPI University. Changes that may materially affect all students in your program of study, including any changes as to your financial obligations, graduation requirements, or substantial changes in curriculum, will be communicated by official notification to your ECPI University email account which all students are expected to monitor, and will additionally be posted in the Learning Management System accessed in your courses and distributed in class. A signature acknowledgment may be requested for significant policy changes. If your program of study includes a program-specific policy handbook, pertinent changes in instructional policies or procedures will additionally be communicated to you via addendums to the handbook.

To support student success on licensure where applicable, and employability as you near graduation, some courses include score requirements on a predictor, preparatory exam, or other comprehensive test.  If there is a change to a course requirement, such as a change in the required score, the University will notify you at least one semester in advance, and this advance notice will be delivered to all affected students’ ECPI University email accounts, the Learning Management System, and distributed in class.

If a policy change is necessitated by external parties such as programmatic accrediting agencies, state agencies, or to meet any regulatory requirements, students in the affected program will also be provided notice of the change through notification to your ECPI University email account, the Learning Management System, and distributions in class with new or revised requirements and the effective date.

Certain substantive program, policy or procedure changes are intended to apply only to new students, with currently enrolled students in good standing grandfathered.  However, if a student changes their program or has a break in attendance, all current policies in place at the time are required, except when military orders or other hardships apply.  Students that change programs, and are therefore subject to a change in tuition rates, will be asked to accept any such changes in the terms of their Enrollment Agreement, and will be asked to sign a new Enrollment Agreement.