Financial Aid Policies

For policies specific to the Accelerated Bachelor of Science in Nursing, please see its Program Information section 

Financial aid is available to help qualified students pay for their education. ECPI offers many financial aid options to help students and their families determine the best way to pay for an education. ECPI is committed to helping each student find the best solution to meet his/her needs and pursues this educational investment.

Student aid is awarded based on the applicant’s need and factors such as income, assets, and benefits. Financial aid applications and a guide to financial aid are available from the Financial Aid Department. The guide provides general information regarding eligibility, application processes, and Federal financial aid programs.

Financial aid application forms are to be completed and submitted to a Campus Financial Aid Administrator. Students receive a financial aid award letter when their application for financial aid has been processed that states the type, amount, and conditions of financial aid offered. The number of credits a student attempts each term also affects financial aid eligibility.

Students are required to apply for financial aid each academic year (two semesters). Forms are available in the financial aid office.

Students receiving financial aid must maintain satisfactory academic progress as indicated in this Catalog in order to retain eligibility for both Federal and ECPI financial assistance.

Most ECPI students make monthly in-school payments to the University. The in-school payments reduce the amount of money students borrow and must repay after they graduate or withdraw.