Make-up Tests/ Re-tests

Tests are typically announced in advance so that a student may prepare. Students must typically complete the required tests on the stated schedule.

Students who miss an original (first administered) test for sufficient and documented reasons may arrange with the faculty member for that course to take a make-up test and receive full credit. Make-up tests will normally be given the day the student returns to school.

Examples of sufficient reason include third-party written documentation of illness, medical or dental emergencies, work schedule conflicts, military duty assignments, court appearances, funerals, and family emergencies. A make-up or re-test is an examination of equal or greater difficulty given in a subject area. Only one re-test or make-up will be allowed per course.

A student or faculty member may request an Academic Review Board review if special circumstances indicate that an exception to this Make-up Test/Re-test Policy warrants consideration.

Please see the College of Health Science program handbook for specific program policies.