Health Information Management, Associate of Applied Science in Health Science

Program Overview

The program offers an Associate of Applied Science degree in Health Information Management designed to facilitate the development of each student into a competent health information technician. The program regards each student as an active participant bringing a variety of individual needs and attributes to the educational process. The program is committed to preparing the Health Information Management students to become lifelong learners and critical thinkers who will be prepared to contribute to the body of knowledge in health information technology. Graduates of the program will be prepared to work in a wide variety of health care settings.

Program Outcomes

  • Demonstrate proficiency in health data management, information policy, information systems, administration and clinical work flow. 
  • Demonstrate skills necessary to operations management that will ensure an adequate and complete medical record and cost effective information processing.
  • Distinguish the legal and ethical standards of practice for health information management, including HIPAA, in a variety of health care settings and situations.
  • Function as a bridge between clinicians, payers, regulators, patients, consumers, and technology.
  • Demonstrate skills that are critical to adherence and promotion of continuous quality improvement, regulatory requirements, and the revenue cycle processes.
  • Ensure the availability of accurate health data through the application of current and future healthcare technologies including the electronic medical record, electronic health records, integration of healthcare technologies within healthcare systems, and wireless and internet applications.
  • Function as part of a team that includes not only health information management technicians, but also clinicians and customers, in a variety of settings.
  • Perform in the role of health information management technician by applying skills, values, and knowledge from the coursework to professional practice experiences.
  • Demonstrate proficiency on a certification examination.

For additional information about the program outcomes, please see the Student Consumer Information (link to:  ) which provides additional information on the future careers, success, cost, and financing for this program. For information on the University Completion and Graduation Rates, please see Information About the University on the ECPI website (link to: )

In 1.5 years, through our year-round schedule, you can earn an Associate of Applied Science in Health Science, concentration in Health Information Management.

About Health Information Management

Health Information Management (HIM) professionals use a wide spectrum of health information technologies and concepts. Some individuals may choose to work with electronic health records. Graduates may also find employment maintaining physical control of medical records, auditing medical records, providing quality assurance in recordkeeping, and working to ensure compliance with all laws regarding creation, maintenance, and use of medical records. Agencies that coordinate disease and implant registries will also want to hire health information management professionals.

Requirements may vary depending on employer. Students will generally need to pass a background check, credit check, drug screening, and Mantoux test for tuberculosis. Students must be able to comply with all federal regulations on access, use, and release of all medical information.

Graduates will be prepared to demonstrate proficiency in health data management, information policy, information systems, administration, and clinical work flow. These graduates will not only function as a bridge between clinicians, payers, regulators, patients, consumers, and technology but will also function as part of that team in a variety of settings. Jobs may be found working for health departments, insurance carriers, medical supply companies, healthcare facilities, pharmaceutical manufacturers, disease and implant registries, and physician practices. HIM professionals will be in demand anywhere there is a medical record.

Recommended Certifications

Certifications are not required for completion of this program; however, ECPI encourages student to obtain all appropriate certifications to increase potential job opportunities. ECPI provides students in this program with vouchers which allow the student to take certification exams at a greatly reduced cost.